Sneaker Store

The new SUPPA sneaker store in Stuttgart features pyramid shaped elements flowing along the walls of the store, forming the display system for an exclusive selection of sneakers. The orientation of the pyramid shaped sheet-metal elements varies gradually to achieve an ever changing, ideal alignment of the sneakers towards the customer. Two focal points within the walls provide larger display areas for the presentation of special collections and encourage the customers to explore the shop in its entirety. In the center of the store, sneakers appear to hover on the tips of pyramidal furniture elements. The pyramids, together with wooden seating elements form a configuration that can be easily rearranged for special events such as the release of limited edition sneakers. A clean material selection of black powder coated sheet-metal, black wood seating and concrete flooring creates a strong visual contrast to the colors of the sneakers and puts them in the center of attention.
The design process relied heavily on customized digital tools that integrated the possibilities of advanced digital fabrication techniques and allowed the precise control of the 346 individually folded sheet metal pyramids. Five-axis plasma cutting and automated steel bending allowed for a streamlined fabrication process and guaranteed the efficient and feasible realization of the project.
Stuttgart, Germany
BNIB Handels GmbH
Project Partners:
Michael Knauß, Michael Knauß, Silvan Oesterle
Project Leader:
Dana Andronescu
Eiting Elektrotechnik, Ruben Laue, Rolf Schieber, Metallbe- & -verarbeitung, Service-Heimwerk
Horatiu Sovaiala
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