Raiffeisenbank Schaffhausen
Design and detailing of a glass shingle cladding

Historic facade paintings in the neighborhood of the Raiffeisenbank Schaffhausen are translated into a colorful glass shingle cladding. ROK was commissioned by the architects DGJ/ NAU to design the patterning and develop the construction system. ROK provided an integrated solution ranging from the application of custom made digital design tools for the color distribution to the detail development of the glass hangers. A fully automated planning process ensured high quality and a streamlined production. Eventually ROK generated the fabrication data for all 640 shingles, a custom labeling system and construction set drawings for the site works.
Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Collaboration with:
NAU2 GmbH, NAU2 GmbH
Bergit Hillner
Project Partners:
Michael Knauß, Silvan Oesterle, Matthias Rippmann
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