Office Wall Installation
Sound diffusion active surface

This internal research project focused on the use of CNC 5-Axis drilling processes for innovative sound diffusion active panels. The first part of the research included the development of a customized digital tool to interactively explore the arrangement of several thousand linear elements, which, as a whole, form a fluent and dynamic pattern. The second part of the research explored the physical realization of such patterns by manually inserting individual wooden sticks in the perforated panels. The CNC-drilled holes in the wooden base panel define the individual direction of every stick installed. Three prototypical panels were fabricated with a total number of 7.770 elements. The hole diameters of 2.9 mm perfectly match the thickness of the sticks with a uniform length of 200 mm.
Zürich, Schweiz
Project Partners:
Michael Knauß, Silvan Oesterle, Matthias Rippmann
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