Basketball sneaker store in Stuttgart

The new Lane concept store is the latest addition in a series of sneaker stores in Stuttgart and focuses on lifestyle basketball shoes, apparel and accessories. The exclusive selection of basketball shoes is displayed on a custom designed folded wall system. The geometric folding of the wall creates a separate space for each shoe emphasized by a light source from above. The clean material selection of black stained wood, grey painted walls and a concrete floor creates a strong visual contrast to the colourful products on display on the shelves. A white stripe detailing on each furniture piece and a line drawing on the back wall draw inspiration from basketball field markings and the “lane”, a specially marked area under the basket on every court. A modular system of triangular furniture pieces of different heights serve as display platforms and seating in the central store area. The configuration can be easily rearranged for events such as the release of exclusive and limited basketball sneakers hosted on a regular base by the store.
BNIB Handels GmbH
Project Partners:
Michael Knauß, Silvan Oesterle
Sarah Dushi
Ruben Laue
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