MSc2 Studio - 1:1 Prototype
RhinoVAULT and fabrication based design workshop

During a one week workshop the possibilities of combining shell form finding with a fabrication based design detailing approach were explored. The workshop was conducted with Jelle Feringa at the Hyperbody research group of the Faculty of Architecture, TU Delft, Netherlands. The funicular shape of the prototype was designed using RhinoVAULT, an interactive structural design tool for compression structures developed by the BLOCK research group at ETH Zurich. Subsequently, 53 unique components were generated using generative design strategies informed by fabrication constraints and construction-aware criteria. All components were later cut from EPS using robotic hot-wire cutting. The finishing was done with fiber glass and acrylic-one to strengthen the structure.
Completed Prototype
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Academic Institution:
TU Delft, Hyperbody | ETH Zurich, ITA
Collaboration with:
Jelle Feringa
Lead Researchers:
Silvan Oesterle, Matthias Rippmann
Monika Augaityte, Suzan Daalmeijer, Jayson Johnstone, Borys Kozlowski, Anna Marcassoli, Pietro Pizzi, Ioli Plastira, Allesandro Rossi, Pierpaolo Ruttico, Mikolaj Schwartz, Bianca Tamasan, Lucas ter Hall, Matas Ubarevicius, Paul Van den Hof, Laura Vester, Dezhang Zhou, Manuel Zucchi
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