Outdoor Furniture Objects
Elective Course ETH Zurich

The outdoor furniture objects for the urban spaces of Science City were designed by students during a four weeks workshop. Afterwards the objects were fabricated with a standard industry robot. Depending on the orientation, the objects work as a communicative seating area, a bench or a private armchair. By rolling the furniture over the campus it can be freely arranged into a multitude of different configurations.
The objects are an aggregate of two distinct materials. A rigid lightweight material is combined with a soft and durable material. Depending on the shape of the furniture, the two materials are distributed as to achieve an optimal weight, comfort and durability ratio.
The project was initiated and developed in the context of the elective course program of the Professorship for Architecture and Digital Fabrication at ETH Zurich.
In use on campus
Zurich, Switzerland
Academic Institution:
ETH Zurich, Architecture and Digital Fabrication, Prof. Gramazio, Prof. Kohler
ETH Zürich, Science City
Collaboration with:
Ute Schneider
Lead Researchers:
Silvan Oesterle
Thora Fjeldsted, Dirk Maes, Christopher Rofe
Andreas Aeschbacher, Sarina Fahrni, Marina Llopis Valaison, Marc Pancera, Severin Ritter
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