The Programmed Wall
Robotic masonry

The curtain wall project questions the traditional rigidity and massive appearance of brick facades through the use of scripted design tools. The parametric rotation of bricks generates a visual deformation effect of the wall. The wall itself stays within the assembly logic of the brick material.

The curtain wall project was part of a larger research course at ETH Zurich and served as the basis of the design for the Gantenbein Winery by Gramazio & Kohler. The wall was fabricated with the ETH Zurich's robotic fabrication facility at the Professorship for Architecture and Digital Fabrication.
Semester project
Zurich, Switzerland
Academic Institution:
ETH Zurich, Architecture and Digital Fabrication, Prof. Gramazio, Prof. Kohler
Project Partners:
Michael Knauß, Silvan Oesterle
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