12 Aug 2019 News | 

HiLo Construction Start

The construction of HiLo a resarch building unit for EMPA's NEST platform has been been started. Please see the HiLo project site for more information.

11 Mar 2019 News | 

New Project for BASF / EMPA

ROK has been comissioned by BASF and EMPA to design and develop a new project for the NEST building platform. The focus of the new unit will be on industry R&D with a novel and holistic approach towards energy planning, storage and insolation management. Furthermore topics such as assembly for disassembly, the use of recycling materials and desing integrated structural planning will be pursued.

14 Feb 2019 News | 

Stuttgart 21 Under Construction

The funnel columns at Stuttgart 21's main station construction site are taking shape. For Sobek Engineers, ROK developed custom software tools for planning, optimization and construction data generation of the reinforcement. More information at the project link below.

Stuttgart 21, Reinforcement