21 Jul 2016 Workshop | 

Isola dei Conigli Project Workshop

ROK Partner Silvan Oesterle has been invited to give a lecture at the Project Workshop at Isola dei Conigli, an event organized by unfoldstudio, Michelle Badrutt and Chiara Cattarini. The workshop is hosted by the non-profit organization Associazione Isola dei Conigli. It will develop a new roof structure for a listed church building at the island.
(Image: unfoldstudio)

29 Jun 2016 Lecture | 

Lecture at RaumPROBE Stuttgart

ROK partner Michael Knauss will give a lecture about ROK's work at RaumPROBE in Stuttgart. Thanks to Joachim Stumpp and the RaumPROBE team for the invitation. The lecture takes place at 29.06.2016, 7:30 pm.

07 Mar 2016 Workshop | 

Innochain Startup Seminar

ROK participated at the InnoChain Start-Up Seminar in the role of an industry partner of the project. The aim for for the seminar was to create a shared venue in which all PhD students presented their research questions and methodologies. The seminar invited all beneficiaries and industry partners to discuss and review the proposals in plenum.
(Image: InnoChain)

28 Oct 2015 Award | 

materialPREIS 2015

ROK was awarded the first prize for innovative application of CNC fabrication in timber for the project MRQT boutique in Stuttgart.

More information: materialPREIS 2015

MRQT Boutique
01 Jul 2015 News | 

Railway Station Brig Competition, 2nd prize

ROK was awarded a second prize in the invited competition for a new roof for a railway station in Brig, Switzerland. The project was developed in close collaboration with Burkhalter Sumi Architekten, Lorenz Eugster Landschaftsarchitektur and Walt+Galmarini Ingenieure.

Railway Station Brig
30 Jun 2015 Lecture | 

Lecture at Aarhus School of Architecture

ROK partners Michael Knauss and Silvan Oesterle will give a lecture about their work at the Aarhus School of Architecture. Thanks to Rasmus Gronbaek Hansen and Asbjorn Sondergaard for the invitation. The lecture takes place at 30.06.2015, 9:00 am.

29 Jun 2015 News | 

Workshop with Odico

ROK have been invited by Danish robotic formwork manufacturer Odico to participate in a two day workshop and present their work to the mayor of Odense. Other participants include: ROB Technologies, Robofold, Matterdesign, 1:One, Zaha Hadid Architects, ARCH-T. Thanks to Asbjorn Sondergaard for making this happen.